Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Postech Helical Screw Piles offer countless of proven applications. Should you need more information specific to your project, please contact us directly or fill our information request on our Contact Us page.

Here are the top 20 FAQ’s our customers have been asking.

1- What are some advantages or Screw Piles over conventional concrete?

If you are looking for a cost effective, quicker, high quality, cleaner and fully engineered solution, Postech Screw Piles is your answer. Visit our our corporate site at Screw Pile vs Concrete for more details on advantages of screw piles.

2-What happens if you hit rubble, roots, or loose rocks?

This is a very common question and the answer varies based on the particular situation. In the majority of cases, the installer will be able to deviate around the loose obstacles. For larger or more “stubborn” rubble and assuming the pile location cannot be changed, excavation may be necessary. Our equipment provides this flexibility.

3- What distance is recommended between piles?

The span distance between piles is primarily based on the integrity of the beam system used to support the intended structure. As an example for an uncovered deck, it is common to span 7 ‘to 10’, while respecting the Ontario and National Building Codes.

4-What load can a pile support?

The load rating capacity of a screw pile is directly correlated to the torque applied during the installation process. Our engineer approved calibration charts provides a positive validation of these loads. Variables such as soil composition must also be taken into account. Depending of your particular application, we can determine the most optimal pile and blade diameter requirements. Also, based on previous installations in your area, we can estimate the length of pile needed on our proposal. It is important to reach “good soil” to ensure a long lasting trouble free solution.

Postech Screw Piles are recognized by the Canadian Construction Material Center and are conform to the National Building Code.

5-What is the cost per piles?

Postech Piles are an affordable solution for your foundation requirements. Every project is unique and is priced based on a number of factors such as the type of structure, soil and site conditions, etc. We will conduct a site visit and provide a clear estimate for your needs.

6-Are Postech screw pile brackets adjustable?

Of course!. Once we have completed the installation and ensured the piles are at the correct elevation, our adapter system provides additional final adjustments to ensure a perfectly level starting point for your new project…every single time.

7-How can piles be installed in my fenced backyard?

Our equipment has been specifically selected to offer flexibility and access. We have installed in very tight spaces and will normally come through a standard 40″ gate.


8-Can Postech Helical Screw Piles be installed during winter months?

Absolutely. Our patented true pitch pile will screw right through frost and into undisturbed soil below to provide year round installation services.


9-Can your piles be installed in bedrock?

Yes, Postech has developed a simple method which allows anchoring of posts to bedrock permanently.

10-Can the piles be installed under an existing structure?

Yes, it is possible to install the piles under an existing structure. However, the proposed location of the piles must be relatively close to the edge of the structure. If the piles must be installed in the middle of a structure, there must be an access to allow the piles to be installed. For example, in the case of a wood patio, the customer may remove some floorboards to allow installation of the piles in a precise location.

11-Must we leave a space between the soil and the structure?

Yes, It is very important to leave sufficient space (app 4″) between the soil and the structure to allow for heaving of the soil. If the structure is in contact with the soil, the frost could heave and raise the structure.

12-Is it necessary to have a protective coating around the pile to guard against frost heave?

Absolutely not. The frost has no hold on the galvanized steel pipe. The base of the pile (blade) is the anchor which prevents the pile from any movement due to frost heaving. The pile must be always be installed to sufficient depth to ensure the blade is WELL BELOW frost line. In addition, Postech has developed an internal insulation process which prevents cold air from entering the inside of the shaft. Please visit our corporate site section on THERMAL PILES for more details.

13-Will Postech piles rust?

No. All Postech Piles are hot-dipped galvanized according to standard ASTM 123A. Furthermore, Postech Screw Piles have no impact on the environment.

14-Have performance tests been completed on Postech screw piles?

Postech Screw Piles have been tested using many required and vigorous industry sta

ndards (see section Technical Information) and are approved by the Canadian Construction Materials Centre (CCMC #13102-R). This organization is responsible for the evaluation and approval of all products that are recognized as construction materials in Canada. What this means is that Postech Piles meet high quality standards. For your protection it is very important to use piles that have been tested and approved by the CCMC. In fact, most local and state governments, as well as insurance companies request it.

15-My driveway has an asphalt surface, and I want to build a carport. Can screw piles be used?

Yes, it’s possible. A hole, however must be made in the location where the pile will be installed. Afterwards, a slight touch-up of the asphalt around the pile will be needed.

16-Can we install the piles ourselves?

No, Postech Piles must be installed by certified installers, all of which have attended a complete training seminar, and have all the qualifications required to best guide you with your projects.

17-How to avoid mishaps during the installation process?

Call or Click before you dig!!! It is important to call Ontario One ahead of any screw pile installation to avoid interference with any major utilities such as Water, Gas, Power, Telecom, etc. Postech Niagara is a registered contractor with Ontario One and can facilitate this process. A lead time of 5 to 7 business days is normally required to ensure none of the utilities are directly in the path of the proposed installation.

18-My property has a slope. Can you still install piles?

Yes! We can do the installation in almost all types of terrain. Contact us to determine whether we need specialized equipment for your specific case.

19-Is a warranty offered?

Yes! All our piles are guaranteed against manufacturing defects. In addition, your Postech certified installer provides an installation warranty against movements due to frost.

20-How long will the pile last?

The lifespan of a pile depends on the type of soil where the Screw Pile is installed and it’s chemical properties (pH, humidity, etc). Under normal use in a average soil you can expect about 75 years.

‘Bonus’ FAQ-Is your product Canadian?

Yes. We are very proud of our Canadian piles. All are fabricated at our high quality manufacturing plant located within our HQ facilities in Sherbrooke, QC. Close interaction and coordination provide short lead times of supplies to ensure your projects are completed as planned.